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Depression is like an ingrown toenail.  It is focused inward and gets swollen, infected, and really painful.  I am grateful for my friends who catch me starting to fall into this little self-absorbed hole–that sometimes turns into full-blown dysfunctional sadness.

I cried a lot last week.  Some of was hormonal, some of it was the fact that I turned 37, and some of it was the mass shooting in Florida.

I felt myself falling into sadness….

I think it is one thing to be sorrowful and mournful, (especially over our broken world), but I also think it is a slippery slope when sadness and negativity become the focus of our lives.  The truth is, we all have a lot for which to be happy!

In the face of sadness and struggle, we have to see more than the silver lining.  We have allow pain and sadness to sharpen our perspective on what matters.  And when we do this, we have so much for which to be thankful.  We have so many good things in our lives.

Gratitude is our life saver.  Gratitude is tube that keeps us afloat when we fall of the boat.

Hence, I am adding a weekly gratitude page to the Honey Be website.  Each week, I am going to sit in one spot, and in that spot (with my physical eyes) pick out ten things for which I am grateful–big and small.

Please join me, and please comment on how this weekly act of “being” present and giving thanks changes your life.  I believe it will change all of our lives–if we let it.

(Before you leave Honey Be today, check out this week’s health tip.  Also, make sure to visit the Club Blog to read comments and make comments about this month’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)). Click on the following link below.




One thought on “Be Grateful

  1. I give thanks to God for having a thoughtful and contemplative friend such as Katie. Despite the pain and struggles of life you always find yourself standing ALIVE and with a new positive perspective on life.

    I give thanks to God for the pain in my own life. I trust that He will use it to purify me into the Image of His Son, a Perfect Man. My hope is that everyday I am becoming a little more like Him.


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