Be Spontaneous

My friends Lesley and Murray came up to Flagstaff yesterday, and went out for a nice lunch.  On the way back to our cars, we noticed a new “poetry” phone booth.

We stepped inside, picked a poem (associated with a number that you then dialed), and listened delightfully.  This was not a hugely spontaneous action, but it put us all in giggles. It took two minutes, and it was a fun new experience.

It is things like this that keep us in the moment–enjoying life.  Life is full of little gifts like this, we need to notice them and “pick them up.”

This little experience reminds me of the documentary called Happy.  In Happy, researchers on happiness noted that people were happier when they took part in daily spontaneous acts:  for instance, taking a different route to work, doing a slightly different workout–basically just trying new things!

This weeks I challenge all of our readers to try something spontaneous and new, and then please come back here and share with us what you did.Les for Honey Be


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