Be Nerdy

So far, what are your thoughts on this book?

I just started reading it, and I love the raw, candid, sense of humor.  I am excited to keep reading.  I think it is fitting for girls of all ages. Tell me what you think.


So far, the best quote I have come across in the book:

“When I was a kid, my parents smartly raised us to keep quiet, be respectful to older people, and generally not questions adults all that much.  I think that’s because they were assuming that 99 percent of the time, we’d be interacting with worthy, smart adults, like my aunts and uncles; my teachers; my ancient and knowledgeable piano instructor, Mrs. Brewster; and police officers.  They didn’t ever tell me, ‘sometimes you will meet idiots who are technically adults and authority figures. You don’t have do to what they say….” (p. 29)


3 thoughts on “Be Nerdy

  1. If you are reading this book with the Honey Be Team, please consider the following questions:
    1. Can you relate to the stories? How so?
    2. Do you have a similar story or situation that you would like to share?
    3. What makes Mindy so charming?


  2. So, I am on page 134. I am really enjoying Mindy’s dry and self-deprecating sense of humor. Her writing (and thus her brain) reminds me of my own communication style. And I love it because it makes me feel like maybe one day I can be famous an popular like her.

    I had no idea until reading this book that she was a main writer, producer, and director for The Office–one of my all time favorite shows. It is so cool how all this time she was a “behind the scenes” gal–who made the show famous–and most people thought she just played a “minor role” in the show.


  3. Mindy is a wonderful example of a woman who is totally ok with who she is, she is just “herself.” She is also a wonderful example of a woman who follows her heart, works hard, and lets the journey take her to the next adventure–whatever it might be.


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