Be Imperfect

By: Katie Runnels

Smile at Your Failures

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Yesterday, while I was taking Gabriel on a walk, (or should I say, while he was walking me), I thought of how frustrated I was with myself.  I botched up a perfectly good interview by saying things that some people probably found offensive, I have not practiced yoga in ages, and I drank WAY too much wine a few nights earlier….  “WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?” I though. “Why on earth can’t I get my sh!#* together?”

Then, the words of a theologian, Richard Rohr, came to my mind.  In his book, Falling Upward, he mentioned how he prayed for a daily “humility,”  In other words, he prayed for daily failure–so he could stay humble and dependent on God.

This got things into perspective really fast.  Walked home with a spring in my step….  If we think we are doing everything “right,” then we inevitably get arrogant.  And God can’t come close to arrogant people.  They repel him like a two magnets repel each other.  Two magnets repel each other because they are the “same.”  If we think we ARE GOD, then we will push him away.  Thank you God for my failures.  Thank you God for my mistakes.  Thank you that they make me lean on You more!

I hope I am a more kind and more compassionate person because of my daily “humilities.”  I hope and pray that they will continually bring me back to that place of having to trust God completely.  I know that this is not supposed to be a religious blog… However, I just had to share this little treasure.  I hope you gained a little hope from it…

Be blessed!  Be sweet!  Be okay with your failures 🙂


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