Be Motivated

Honey Be Blog Music

By: Katie Runnels

Today’s little sweetness is that I picked up my music again.  I was so unmotivated to work on my music for the past few years…I thought that maybe I lost it forever…

I heard a friend say to me once, though, that just because it is “not now does not mean it is not ever.”  I felt my inspiration come back to me.  I picked up my guitar and I began singing and writing again.

It felt very natural.  Because I did not force it before the timing was right, I feel a sense of peaceful ease in my songwriting.  I believe that we have to take this approach in every aspect of our lives.  Forcing things is rarely helpful.  Letting all things come and go in their good time is what creates peaceful and creative “flow.”

Is it time for you to let something go?  Is it time for you to pick something up?  Be present and see what might be calling you in this moment.



One thought on “Be Motivated

  1. “The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it. Ray Charles 1930

    That’s for inspiration.

    “All music is folk music.
    I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” Louis Armstrong

    That’s for fun.


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