Be Connected

By: Katie Runnels

Yoga is all about connection.

Before going to yoga teacher training school, I thought yoga was mostly about physical exercise.  I was wrong.  Yoga is about spirituality.  It is about being aware and connected.

Yoga literally means “yoked.”  How connected are you to your higher power?  How connected are you to yourself? And those around you?

Are you so disconnected that you forgot about the wonders of being alive? I remember a moment during yoga practice when the light went on in my spirit: I was so present with each posture that simple joy and peace flooded me.

Then, I felt like a happy child.  After that, long forgotten childhood memories and feelings came to me: memories and feelings of little Katie the gymnast.  Yoga brought me back to a childlike innocence, and I felt happy.

Happy is important.  Let yoga bring you back to the time when you lost rack of time.  Let yoga connect you to that child part of you that wants to run, play, and forget…forget that it’s dinner time…or time to do homework…or time to do the chores.  Remember those days? Remember when you were so caught up in “playing” that you forgot about the “To Do” list your mom made for you.  In our society, it seems we have gone to the extreme in the other way.

I don’t see many adults “playing” so much and having so much fun that they forget to feed the dog!  What I see is a bunch of grouchy grownups with a list of tasks to do (like feed the dog), and a handful financial goals, and a closet full of disappointments.

I see a lot of people worrying and not smiling…  For what?  To have millions but then die of depression or a heart attack?  Let’s get back on track, people.  Enjoy your life.  Be present.  Have fun! Be a child again.

This is what it means to practice yoga.



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